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Latest News

Gallery Addition

10th July 2015: David Frith's pedalboard
Metal panel pedalboard with a variety of pedals.

Two Gallery Additions!

11th November 2014: Michael Jink's latest 'Wave' pedalboard
Mike's unique wave shaped pedalboard, also with how-it-was-made pics.

11th November 2014: Mati Bennett's v2 pedalboard
A couple of exotic pedals on this board.

Gallery Addition

20th October 2014: Louis Brown's pedalboard
Arc shaped wooden pedalboard (laser cut!) with mainly Boss pedals.

Gallery Addition

2nd September 2014: Patrick Wallace's pedalboard
Timber pedalboard work in progress showing several different types of pedal fixed down with our kits.

5 Second Warning

8th July 2014: Lee McLachlan of 5 Second Warning's pedalboard
The band's Facebook page with several photos of Lee's newly upgraded board.

Gallery Addition

4th July 2014: Rob Sanderson's pedalboard
Detailed description and photos of the construction of a pedalboard.

Gallery Addition

3rd March 2014: Michael Jinks' pedalboards
Three great boards in folded and welded aluminium.

Gallery Addition

8th February 2014: Mark Williamson's MkVII pedalboard

Pedalboard in a Web Browser

10th November 2013: If you have no pedals, guitar amp or amp sims handy on your pc, and want to play electric guitar through some effects, then take a look at Pedalboard.js demo by dashersw. Play your guitar into your computer's line input and try out 4 virtual effects pedals on the Chrome web browser. Pedalboard.js is a project to help users write their own guitar effects in javascipt. I enjoyed using the demo. My Schecter Hellraiser has a built-in preamp, which provides just about enough gain for the line level input on my Mac. Requires the latest version of the Chrome browser and a PC or Mac to run it on.

Gallery Addition

28th October 2013: Chris Cutmore's mini pedalboard